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Detailed List of Services Offered

Detailed List of Services

Complete Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching
Your Life, Your Health, Your Personal Guidance

Complete Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching
· Biomechanics/Posture Correction (Walk, Sit, Stand, Breathing)
· Healthy Appraisal Assessment (Test Function of 22+ Bodily Systems)
· Healthy Wellness Guidelines
· Eliminating Medications
· Sleep Cycle/Quality
· pH/Alkalinity/Acidity

Weight Loss and Weight Management
Specific programs and education geared towards achieving maximum results safely and efficiently.

· Why Diets DO NOT Work
· Motivation/Goal Setting
· Weight Management Specific Exercise Program
· Weight Management Specific Nutrition Education
· Fat Loss/Muscle Building

Nutrition Counseling and Meal Planning
· Organics, Sustainable Living
· Metabolic Typing
· Digestion/Food Sensitivity
· Fungus/Parasite/Toxicity
· Food Quality/Nutrient Timing
· Grocery Shopping/Food Lists/Label Reading/Supplements

Stress Management
· Cortisol/Stress/Adrenal Fatigue Testing

Fitness and Exercise Training
· Muscle Deviation/Imbalance Testing and Correction
· Core, Balance, Stabilization Training
· Flexibility
· Resistance Training/Leaning/Toning
· Sports Performance
· Cardiovascular Training
· Joint Mobility
· Soft Tissue Correction

1 on 1, small groups, boot camps, corporate wellness, online training, skype

Benefit from a wide array of exceptional services
promoting and supporting a healthy lifestyle.

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